One More Time

Well, its been awhile. Many weeks in fact. But here we are—the semester has ended and I’m writing a blog post to wrap this all up. What a semester it has been. A little more than 2 months ago we were all in Copenhagen looking forward to our second travel week. Early in March, my class—European Urban Experience: Why Cities Matter—was getting ready for our trip to Vienna and Budapest. But instead, we all found ourselves on planes back to the United States, scattered across the country (and the world), back in our home towns. Covid-19 changed the course of our spring semester and everything that comes next. These past two months I didn’t know what to write on this blog every week, but now its time to write a final post.

Goodbye Copenhagen

The week of March 1 we were still hopeful about going on our study tours, although we didn’t know exactly what that would look like as places began to close. The following week we heard that all study tours had been cancelled, but that we would be doing activities as a class in and around Copenhagen. Then, March 11 we received an email saying Denmark was closing and that it was time for us to start booking flights out. Amy and I both booked the same flight to Newark on Friday 13th, so I had one day to pack up and get ready to leave. Our host mom, Anette, had been away for three weeks, and our flight out was the same day she got back to Denmark so sadly we did not get to say goodbye in person. I loved being in the homestay and it was defiantly a highlight of my semester abroad. My experience at both airports—in Copenhagen and in New York—was really smooth, no travel horror stories to report. Because we returned so quickly, there were few changes made to protocols yet, the airports were not over crowded and I made it through customs very quickly. And then I was back home.

You Will Return Someday: A Reflection on a Study Abroad Year Cut Short

A reflection of my time in Europe and my time back home written for my Urban Studies course:

Welcome Home

This is not how I expected my semester to end, finishing classes online in my bedroom in Teaneck, NJ. I missed going to class and talking with others, but we made the best out of the situation. Each class had a different style of finishing the semester, some having more week-to-week work, others focused on papers and projects. Some had in-person meetings, others did not, but the professors of all my classes made sure to reach out to us and send encouragements. My core course had two optional zoom meetings a week and it was nice to talk to others who were experiencing similar things. We had a great last meeting which was tea/coffee themed—we shared our mugs, reminisced on our time in Copenhagen, and learned about the proper Danish table spread. DIS did a great job engaging with us through social media and blogs throughout the end of our semester. I made a kladkaka and grød from the recipes they posted. I look forward to when I can once again visit Copenhagen, when I can return to places that became familiar during my time there and to places that were still on my list to visit.

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to study at DIS Copenhagen, even if it was shorter than I intended. I got to take classes that were interesting in a fantastic city, meet new people, and visit new places. My study abroad experience has been a highlight of my time in college. Copenhagen—I will visit again. Until next time, take care!

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